You better believe it, the Rock Alive organization is changing things around and will be setting a new course in 2019! With the previous editions the focus had been on mainly the rock and metal music. But in 2019 the first steps will be taken towards a more theme orientated festival in which music in general, but also arts and entertainment will be playing a much bigger role.

Theme stages

With the start of the new theme stages the organization is aiming to create a festival that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of one’s musical preference. On each stage a program will be presented that combines both music, entertainment and art. At the moment we are still working very hard to give substance to the chosen theme in a creative way.

The setting of the festival for this year is given to a creative team that with the help of a group of enthusiastic volunteers will start to make the festival become full of excessive creativity. The eventual goal is to make the festival an appearance that will be special, cozy, but above all a unity.

Rock Alive becomes Alive Festival

Because despite of the previous 5 years the present name of the festival no longer covers the intentions of the festival, there will be a small change to the name of the festival. The focus of the festival is no longer just on the rock and metal music, and this is why we decided to remove the word Rock from the title of it. So with due pride we are presenting the new name: Alive Festival. Alive stands for the life that we like to celebrate with our guests. The Rock Alive name will still be holding a place within the festival and will become the name of one of the stage, so the identity we built up through the past 5 years will not be lost.

This year the festival will be all about unity, diversity and experience. The festival will get a whole new setting to make sure that there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

All are welcome

The fact that everyone feels at home, that is what is very important to us. Regardless of your religious beliefs, or your musical, political of whatever orientation. You are welcome just as you are so we can make a great celebration of it. We are working with four keywords, that are running like a thread through the whole of the festival: Faith, Love, Hope and Peace. Because isn’t that what we all need? Faith in God Almighty, and His love for us and each other, so we can interact with one and other in a peaceful manner and have hope for the future.

The Alive Festival is a festival with Christian values

To us this means: A spiritual and relational connection between people and with God through our faith in Him as an essential part of the Alive Festival. Although all kinds of topics can and should be discussed, does the organization wish to withhold from any form of political of ecclesiastical denomination.

When and where

The Alive Festival will be held in 2019 from Friday May 17th through Sunday May 19th on the camping grounds of De Betteld in Zelhem, in The Netherlands. Overnight accommodations are available at the venue. The Alive Festival is focusing the full 100% on music, theatre, workshops and interesting speakers through a strong line-up that both contains better known names as well as new and upcoming names in the rock, folk, indie and singer/songwriter scenes. But it is sure that this will only be growing in the future, and more genres will be added. Also we will host a place to the bigger and lesser artists to exhibit their art, and give a stage to established and uprising theatre, to comedians and talented speakers.

The beautiful festival grounds with forest, beach, swimming water and camping facilities contribute to our goal: to give you an ideal festival and a fun experience.

The ticket sale has yet started via More information can be found at: or

Alive Festival 2019

From Friday May 17th through Sunday May 19th 2019 at De Betteld in Zelhem, the Netherlands

With: Jerusalem, Paul Field, Larry Norman Tribute, The Bowery, Rodney Cordner, Detritus and Holy Blood and many more.

Starting: Friday at 6 pm